A new day, a new system at 1 Plus Security!

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In an age when nothing stays the same, 1 Plus Security is keen to share with staff and stakeholders that change is afoot. Communicate with Kindness is the new watchword at 1 Plus Security and the management team is keen to say why!

Relationships first

Firstly, we believe that “Human Relations” supersedes the term “Human Resources” because our relationship with our employees determines our success as a business. Therefore we’re investing in updated software to assist and enrich your work experience.

New systems

On 1 October we plan to implement and integrate Timegate (an advanced Time and Attendance system) and HR Locker (a new software system to aid communication from onboarding to continuous professional development). We believe that by investing in better IT solutions and integrating these systems into our operational requirements, our communication with our employees and clients will improve. As a follow on, everyone in the 1 Plus Team benefits from our success.

Personal and professional development

At 1 Plus Security we cherish the synergy of personal and professional development. We believe that the new system helps us align personal and professional goals across the workforce. By clearly examining your personal goals and aligning these with your career you can better achieve all that you wish for.

Communicate with kindness

Relationships thrive on communication when it’s kind and truthful. How we communicate with each other is most important. Let’s consider three key aspects to communication: context, delivery and consistency.

Context is the part of our communication that begins with the wise adage “Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?” We are all familiar with this, but how do we put it into practice? And how does this impact us? It is useful to consider our intention before speaking, as this is the root from which our actions grow. Intention has a lot to do with the context of our communication. Simply put, why are we communicating?

Delivery also informs the content of our communication – what are we saying? If our message is necessary and true, are we consistent in our communication? because consistency is a defining principle of kindness.

Continuous improvement

To improve our communication with our employees and customers we have invested in the implementation of new software to ensure we have better and more effective communication. The new software will replace our existing time and attendance system to allow us better employee interaction and further empower our employees to communicate more effectively and efficiently with our roster team. 

We have also invested in new HR software to improve our Human Relations processes and facilitate better communication regarding employee continuous professional development. By investing in better IT solutions and integrating these systems into our operational requirements we will communicate better with our employees and clients, thus ensuring that everyone in the 1 Plus Team benefits from our success.

Onward and upward

Over the next month we will be rolling out our new software systems and look forward to the exciting developments these will bring to the security sector. We are glad to have terrific clients to serve. We are proud to have super staff who are taking the business forward with kindness.

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