2021 March Newsletter

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Alan Crowley, CEO


Welcome to our new quarterly internal staff newsletter where we’ll be sharing with you, our staff, our vision of how best to provide internationally accredited safety and security solutions to our clients.

Our company’s success does not rely solely on strategic thinking and management’s ideas. It also requires commitment from all our staff and team members. We recognise the value of having engaged staff who feel secure in their workplace, who are developing themselves to achieve their own personal and professional goals. While security and cleaning work often require long hours and hard work, we recognise our employees’ commitment is what enables us to serve our clients. This is particularly the case during these tough economic times.

The events industry has been decimated by the pandemic and so we have expanded our service offering by partnering with clients who provide essential social support services to the vulnerable and marginalised in our society. Thanks to all who make the effort to ensure that our clients appreciate all we do.

The year is off to a good, solid start and I look forward to our Team growing from strength to strength through our combined efforts. We’re all in this together. Stay safe!


Security and cleaning work are tough at the best of times. During a pandemic they’re so much harder. You’re all smart about maintaining HSE safety guidelines but let’s chat about some mental health options.

Many of us struggle when isolated from our loved ones, unable to share a meal at a restaurant, relaxing with our mates. Now’s the time to make our physical and mental health our top priority.

Improve your nutrition and mood with delicious plant-based foods. These free recipes boost immunity and energy. Can you define the goals and objectives that will bring you lasting joy rather than short-term gratification? Can you align your personal goals with your professional aims and ambitions? Life is meant to be enjoyed! Focus on your self care and you will better be able to reach your goals.

There is no greater joy than helping others, but first be your own best friend!


Many 1Plus Security staff consistently perform their duties while holding up our core values. Sometimes an employee who shows an exemplary level of service to clients, customers and colleagues steps up and shows a willingness to go the extra mile. We aim to recognise and reward such service with a small token of appreciation.

Congratulations to our Star Performer, John Tierney!

Thank you, John, and enjoy your €100 voucher.

Keep up the great work!

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